Google Android Silver

Google Android Silver

Specification, Design, Features, Rumors,Images,Price and Release Date:Everything You Need To Know [Update: 07/09/2014]

Recently a rumor had started floating about the next program from Google named Android Silver. Google might be planning of canning its present Nexus Series Smartphone for the upcoming Android Silver. As of now there is no confirmed news of whether Android Silver will be actually be launching or not but there are chance Nexus 5 might be the last in the Nexus series. LG reportedly confirmed the news that there is no new Nexus Smartphone in their current line of production. So it can be believed that Nexus 5 might be the last Smartphone in the Nexus series.

Concept Of Google Android Silver

Concept Image Of Google Android Silver

As per rumors Google might be planning big this time , that is it might be competing against the High end Smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3, Gionee Elife E8, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M9 , and many more those which are expected to launch soon.

It is also expected that LG would be manufacturing the Android Silver Smartphone in the first quarter of 2015. LG along with Google Android Silver would be manufacturing its own LG G4 very soon. Both this phones are expected to compete against each other and this might lead to a LG dominated market in the first quarter of 2015, depending upon how these two Smartphone perform.

Android Silver

Android Silver

Even though there is no confirmed news about the Android Silver, let us take you through the Rumors  , the expected specification , design , price and release date of the this. Once there is an official news from Google or LG we would update this post.

Android Silver Front

Android Silver Front

Google Android Silver Rumors:

As of now the Google Android Silver is itself a rumor and nothing as specific is know about it. Even though people believe that Android Silver might be a Smartphone , there are chances that it might be a Smart watch or next Android Operating System.

Since it is believed that LG might be manufacturing the Google Android Silver, so there are slightly less chances of Android Silver being an operating system but still the possibility cannot be rolled out. We also know that LG was working on a Smart watch which would be powered by Android ,so there is even a possibility that LG might name that Smart watch as “Android Silver: A smart watch with a metallic strap” in that case the name would be apt.Some rumors are as follows:


It is expected that Android Silver  might have a 3GB RAM , there are slight possibilities that it might have 4GB RAM which might make it a better competitor against the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung  Galaxy S6 and many more.

Android Silver Back

Android Silver Back

Screen Size:

Screen Size of 5.0-5.3 inch is expected which might be IPS Touch screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Battery :

A battery of 3000mAh might be fitted along with it to improve its battery life.


Android Silver is expected to have a primary camera of 16MP , with autofocus and dual tone LED flash light plus a secondary camera of 3-4MP.

Operating System:

We expect it to have  Android L as its operating system but due to the rumors with non customizable features  a new operating system of Android might be associated with it.

Memory :

It is expected that it might have a internal memory capacity of 32/64GB . There are slight chances that it might be expandable up to 128GB . Even though the possibility of expandable memory  is very less but still it can be expected.

Future Technology with Android Silver:

As per the latest trend it might be expected that Android Silver might be waterproof ,dustproof  and scratch proof.  There are also chances that it might has finger print sensor and retina scanner for better security features.


Google Android Silver Expected Design

Since there is no official news about the design of the Android Silver, we expect it to have a better look as compared to the Nexus 5. The term “Silver” creates an image of a metallic like substance in our mind, so we might expect it to have a metallic look. The size of the Silver Smartphone is expected to be similar to Nexus 5 or bigger.

Google Android Silver Expected Features

Since this will be a completely different product of Google ,it will surely have some awesome features. One of the features that is expected is that it would be to make all the Android Silver Smartphone compatible with the latest Android Update without any customization from Manufactures something which used to happen in Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Series , Sony Xperia series etc. along with others. This feature will be comparable to the iOS updates that Apple provides for all the Apple Smartphones and iPad.

Android Silver will support very less modification and will be provide the user with pure Android pleasure. Apart from this the response time is expected to be better in Android Silver plus some features like blink to click, motion sensor technology and health related apps might also be present. Android Silver is also expected to support an octa core processor as to go per rumors. There is also a possibility that Android silver might support 3GB RAM , memory capacity of about 16/32/64GB internal along with expandable memory upto 128GB and there are chances that it also might be waterproof and dustproof.

Google Android Silver Expected Specification

We all know that there is no official confirmation on what Android Silver might, but if it’s actually a Smartphone then as per rumors and our expectation we might expect the following specification:

Google Android Silver

Google Android Silver

Features Google Android Silver
Connectivity 2G,3G,4G LTE, NFC,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Dimension: NA
Weight NA
CPU: Octa Core Processor (Expected)
RAM 3GB(Expected)
Memory Internal:16/32/64GB
Expandable:128GB(Expected ,even though there are slight chances that it may have this option)
Display 5.0 -5.3 inch True HD IPS Capacitive Touch  Screen , protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Camera (primary) 16MP, autofocus ,LED (Expected)
Camera(Secondary) 3-4MP (Expected)
Operating System Latest Android OS 4.5 or 5.0 or Android L ( Without customization)
Battery NA
Launch Date First Quarter of 2015 (Expected)
Price/Cost NA

Even though the above specification is based on the expectation and rumors, Actual specification might differ from these. We will update it as soon as there is any official announcement from Google.

Google Android Silver Expected Price and Release Date

As per rumors LG might be launching Android silver in the first quarter of 2015 worldwide and since this phone is expected to be a high end phone and expected to compete against  Giants like Samsung Galaxy S6 ,Note 4 and Nexus flagship killer the Oneplus One the price is expected to be a bit high about $550-600  in US where as around Rs35,000-40,000 in India .

Update 30/06/2014 :Android Silver Might not be a Watch 

Well we saw the LG G smartwatch an Android wearable watch ,so the possibility of Android Silver being a smartwatch can be scrapped. LG G smartwatch is one of a kind smartwatch . With changable staps and 1.63 inch screen LG has created a competitor to the upcoming Motorola Moto 360 . Other features of LG G smartwatch consist of a RAM of  512MB, an internal memory capacity of 4GB, battery power of 400mAh, and a water resistant capability making it a watch that you would love to wear.

Update 06/07/2014 :Nexus Program will not be Scrapped

According to sources it has been confirmed that Nexus Program will not be scrapped. Nexus 6 Smartphone and Nexus 8 tablet will be launching in the third or fourth quarter of 2014 . A Nexus 8 prototype has been seen to be shipped in India . So as of now all the speculations about the scarpping of Nexus Series can be practically “Scrapped”. It is possible that Nexus smartphones and tablets might be manufactured by HTC.

Update 07/09/2014: Will Nexus 6 or Nexus 8 be Android Silver?

Well many people are posting that Google’s upcoming smartphone that is the Nexus 6 would be an Android Silver device.  Some people are also suggesting that Nexus 8 tablet might also be an Android Silver Device.

Well in that case I would like to say that since LG is rumored to be the manufacturer of the Android Silver Device how are people even thinking that Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 to be an Android Silver device when LG has confirmed that , it’s not involved in manufacturing of any Nexus Devices.

Well in contrary ,nothing is certain. There are chances that Android Silver never turns up, but we guess Nexus and Android Silver to be different . Please wait till any official update is released.

Check the link for more information on Google Nexus 6 or Nexus X !

Note About Android Silver:-

As soon as Google releases the details or confirms Android Silver we will update this post and would provide you the latest feed of what Android Silver is all about.

As of now what Android Silver Actually is has not been confirmed and there are possibilities that it may turn out to be all together different like a smart watch or an operating system. We would like to know your expectation and what you think Android Silver might be in the comments below.

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